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updatism - Night On the Sun [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Destroyer of Nations

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updatism [Mar. 10th, 2011|09:11 pm]
Destroyer of Nations
It's been a while. It's been a while since I've done a public entry, anyway.

So I got that HTC Desire (phone) a while back. It's amazing. It's fast, does everything I want. It doesn't fuck around. The only thing is that I kind of miss having a hardware keyboard. Truly, I miss having a number pad and using T9 like a boss, but barring that (because how many smartphones have a goddamn number pas anyway?), a hardware keyboard would be nice. Touch screen keyboard hurts my brain.

Vegas was OK. I want to be all negative and say it was a bust, but it wasn't. It was fun. Had some drinks, saw some freaks, enjoyed myself wholly. But Vegas is not a destination for me. I should have gone to Barcelona. I'm embarrassed to even admit that I could have gone to Barcelona.

Gamble. Not the Vegas kind. The doctor kind. Doctor Gamble found a psych elective in goddamn New Zealand. He got approved for it already. I gotta go talk to my bosses, get that shit going. That would make for the best senior year possible. I couldn't be chief if I went to New Zealand for 3 months and then Thailand for a month or 2(two? please?), but I don't even want to be chief really, except the title would be monstrous.

I started painting again. It's a picture of Alena when she was like 7 or 8 months pregnant. Her face is so goddamn medieval in these photos. Her expressions remind me of those old icon paintings of Christ. So I'm working on it, and that's something to talk about.

This new style. I'm working on a new style. A new-ish style. Before I'd just put black everywhere. I'd just smear that crude oil all over the goddamn canvas. Everything that wasn't something was black. Lots of dark. And for this one? Not so! I'm not even using pure black and white. The darkest parts are just pure red oxide. It's maybe the same game as before, but instead of black and white, I'm just using shades of red oxide. Still stuck in monochrome, but I don't feel like a coward hiding behind black paint.

It's hard to get motivated about going back to work tomorrow. Mostly I want to go travel more. Belize is coming up in June. I've started talking about Thailand again. I really like having those 4 islands of rest spread out throughout the year... might be misery to take 2 weeks at once to go to Thailand. I might not come back this time.