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complaining - Night On the Sun [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Destroyer of Nations

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complaining [May. 9th, 2012|10:31 pm]
Destroyer of Nations
I'm burnt out. Maybe saying that you're burnt out is what makes you burnt out.

I'm just tired.

Shit's good, I'm just worn out. It's the 9th. I have 51 more days in total until things change a little. 51 more days, minus 2 normal days off, and 10 days of vacation off. So 39 more days? Shit. I can do this. I just gotta get through the next 20 days and then I get vacation. Then I will recharge, and I'll feel like a boss again.

So I had decided on the child fellowship. I had decided on it, feeling strong, not tired, feeling good. Then I remembered some things. 4th year of adult psych is cake. It's all electives. I could spend a couple months working in psych hospitals in Thailand if Paul hooks me up.

What does that mean? It means I have 7 more weeks of inpatient madness, and then 12 more months of clinic. And after that, things slow down. I get tons of free time. I get room to breathe.

And if I do the child pscyh fellowship? Then instead of the year of joy, I get a 18 months of super busy child psych clinic, and 6 more months of super busy inpatient child psych. Holy shit that makes my heart feel fleeting terror.

Maybe I shuold still do it, though. For the experience, and the license. I don't know right now.